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Article Submission Guidelines

We encourage submissions for our monthly Life Science Compliance Update publication. The article must cover issues relevant to those covered in Life Science Compliance Update and our Policy and Medicine website, although a wide range of topics and viewpoints are welcome.

Submissions should follow these guidelines:

  • The analysis, views, and expressions of the author must be original.
  • The article should be limited to 2,000 words, but shorter articles are appreciated.
  • The article may not contain derogatory comments.
  • Policy and Medicine reserves the right to edit articles for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and to change headlines as appropriate to fit our publication template.
  • The article must not have been previously published. Once published in Life Science Compliance Update or Policy and Medicine, an article, including any previous drafts, cannot be republished in another news outlet or by any other entity without the express written permission of Life Science Compliance Update or Policy and Medicine.
  • References should be in the form of endnotes (hyperlink references, where appropriate, are acceptable).
  • If an article covers a matter in which your firm or organization is or has been involved — directly or indirectly — such involvement must be disclosed in a paragraph at the end of the article.
  • The article must be up-to-date, and time-sensitive material should be noted with the submission. Priority publishing requests are considered, but not guaranteed
  • The article must be submitted in Microsoft Word format.
  • The submission must include each author’s name, title, and company/firm.
  • Any references must be in the form of footnotes. Articles should cite published opinions, not Westlaw or other paid-for legal service.
  • The following should serve as a general timeline for articles that have been accepted for publication:
    • 2-8 weeks: Life Science Compliance Update
    • 1-2 weeks: Policy and Medicine
  • While the author retains copyright to his or her article, Policy and Medicine reserves the right to republish parts or all of an article indefinitely without any royalty payments.
  • Policy and Medicine does not pay for guest articles, nor does it charge for publishing.
  • Once an article is published, we may be unable to honor requests to modify it, including for reasons of employee hires or departures, etc.

Once an article is published in Life Science Compliance Update, a firm may purchase a PDF of the article from our reprints department. All reprint requests should be sent to

To submit an article for either Policy and Medicine or Life Science Compliance Update click on the button below:

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