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Everything Old is New Again – McKesson Accused of Skimming Cancer Meds in FCA Suit

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Carolyn Greene, Esq.

In response to concerns about the provenance of cancer drugs its providers received from McKesson, Omni has filed an FCA suit alleging that McKesson engaged in a scheme to increase profits illegally on cancer drugs. Specifically, Omni asserts that McKesson harvested and pooled overfill from single-use vials of cancer medications. McKesson then re-packaged these cancer drugs into pre-filled syringes. By collecting the overfill, Omni alleges that McKesson increased the number of doses of the cancer medications. This practice led to adulteration of the drugs themselves, as well as the submission of fraudulent claims to various government agencies for reimbursement on these extra doses of drugs created from the overfill. This case is yet another example of the re-occurring themes of overfill harvesting and “playing the spread” in conjunction with submission of fraudulent claims to the federal government for pharmaceutical reimbursement.


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