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Learning After You Know It All – Enhancing Compliance Learning and Maximizing Retention

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Sean Murphy and Lauren Barnett of PharmaCertify™ by NXLevel Solutions

Research shows that as much as 80% of the information learned in an instructor-led event, or eLearning course is rapidly forgotten. Even after the information is transferred to a learner’s working memory, storage of that information decays if it is not recalled and re-encoded. When the key concepts, policies, and best-practices presented in life sciences compliance training are forgotten soon after training events are completed, the organizational risk rises dramatically, and compliance cultures are weakened. By contrast, a continuous learning approach to compliance training incorporates four evidence-based strategies (review and reinforcement, gamification, microlearning, and assessments) into the delivery of learning components. When training is deployed strategically and continuously across a leaner’s timeline, engagement levels rise, retention is maximized, and global risk is reduced.


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