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Coming Soon to a State or Even City Near You – Part 2 Spend Disclosure & Much More

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Nicodemo (Nico) Fiorentino, Esq., Manager, Research & Compliance, for G&M Health LLC

In 2017, the pharmaceutical industry has been hit hard by the increasing number jurisdictions proposing, passing, and implementing numerous compliance requirements ranging from annually reporting payments and other transfers of a value provided to health care professionals, listing or licensing sales representatives and other employees, being prohibited from offering certain discounts, and facing “gift” limitations and restrictions. These jurisdictions include the City of Chicago (representative licensure and disclosure), Nevada (representative listing and disclosure), California (discount prohibition), Maine (“gift” limitations and restrictions), and New Jersey (proposed regulation to limit and cap meals and restrict consulting agreements). With another major election year ahead of the industry, the pharmaceutical industry will be an easy target. In fact, states will use the success of the previous year, combined with the pricing debate and the opioid crisis, to push through legislation and regulations.


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