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Catching A Glimpse – A Unique Look at Sanofi MS Subpoena For Potential AKS Violations

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By Carolyn Greene, Esq.

In response to media reports of sensational drug prices, the DOJ has launched investigations into marketing practices, issuing subpoenas to many pharmaceutical companies. Sanofi reported that it was recently subpoenaed about its marketing practices as to two of its MS drugs, Lemtrada and Aubagio. In an unfortunate turn of events for Sanofi, someone leaked Sanofi’s Legal Hold notice written in response to the DOJ subpoena. The Legal Hold notice provides unique insight into the types of marketing practices that the DOJ is investigating, including strategies relating to patient charities, PAPs and other areas where healthcare providers receive some kind of remuneration.


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    Mylan’s “Banquet of Consequences” Ends for Now with the Latest EpiPen Settlement

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    Kaitlin Fallon Wildoner, Esq., Senior Staff Writer, Life Science Compliance Update

    Mylan has been the subject of bad press for roughly a year now. Fortunately, it seems as though the firestorm surrounding the company – including the EpiPen price saga – may be over for now. This article outlines a recent suit filed by a Mylan competitor and the settlement and CIA that resulted. It concludes with insight from a prominent CEO about how compliance officers and other executives can avoid the negative press Mylan has endured.


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