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The Sleeping Giant Awakens – Cantrell’s Consent Decree as a Study on How Not to Respond to FDA Enforcement Actions

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Carolyn Greene, Esq.

Cantrell Drug Company, a 503B outsourcing facility in Little Rock, Arkansas, has been subject to multiple FDA inspections over a five-year period. Each inspection found numerous deficiencies, many in critical areas relating to the prevention of microbiological contamination and aseptic processing. Cantrell defied FDA instructions and shipped products in interstate commerce. As a result, FDA referred the matter to the DOJ, which filed a civil enforcement proceeding seeking to enjoin Cantrell from further distribution. Ultimately, Cantrell entered into a consent decree with the FDA. This case played out much more publicly than similar situations, as Cantrell executives were posting comments on Twitter about the process. Unfortunately, the tone of the comments suggested that Cantrell did not take the FDA’s supervision seriously.


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