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What You Don’t Know About AMP Can Hurt You – Part 2 This is Not Your Father’s AMP

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Chris Cobourn, Managing Director, Huron Life Sciences1

As part of a series on the Average Manufacturer Price (AMP), this month’s article explores the of AMP from the beginning of the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program (MDRP) to where it is today and why there is so much public scrutiny on this once obscure statutory price calculation.

1 The author of this article is a consultant with Huron Life Sciences, which serves the continuum of life sciences organizations to deliver unique solutions that bridge the process of scientific discovery and sustainable business model creation with strategies that reduce the risks associated with regulatory and government scrutiny. Views expressed in this article are that of the authors and not necessarily those of Huron Consulting Group, or its clients, and should not be interpreted as legal advice. If you have questions about specialty pharmacy relationships or any other considerations, please feel free to contact Chris Coburn at 207-841-1353 or


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